Insulating attic windows

Attic insulation is very important, especially if you have windows. You can lose up to 35% of the heat from your home if you live in a cold climate. The secret is to maintain the heat in the attic, thus maintaining the heat in your house.

Tools and Materials

  • Plastic insulating film
  • Utility knife
  • Hair dryer
  • Caulk
  • Drapes
  • Bubble Wrap

Bubble wrap

If you have decided to insulate only the glass from your windows, then you can use bubble wrap to do this. Cut the wraps to the size of the glass. Spray a little water on the inside of the glass and push the bubble wrap against it.

Using caulk

Heat loss can occur from window frames that aren’t well fitted. You can insulate them using silicone caulk around the frame. This will fill up the gaps. Inspect all the joins and see if they are tight. Apply caulk in the spaces where the frame meets the wall and the window itself. Smooth the applied caulk with your finger.


If you do not have double-pane windows, you can use insulating film to compensate. You can find plastic insulating film from any hardware store. Apply it around the window frame and press it against the wood. Cut the excess film with an utility knife. Now use your hair dryer to help it fit even better on the window. You will see that it starts to shrink under the temperature. This is fine.


You can also fit some drapes to the windows. You can buy special thermal shades and insulating drapes. They will fit tightly against the window. Use Velcro to attach them to the window.

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