Radiant heat barrier costs

Radiant heat barriers are made for insulating your attic. They are especially good in the summer because they keep the temperature inside your house lower. It can help you reduce the costs with energy.

It prevent condensation from forming and it can increase the life of your attic. These barriers reflect heat rather then absorb it.

Types of radiant heat barriers

There are two main types of radiant heat barriers: foil and spray. Although spray barriers are less expensive and are very easy to install, foil barriers are more effective and can reduce the energy costs significantly. With foil barriers, your attic will be much cooler in the summer time.


The installation isn’t as hard as it may seem, but it needs some knowledge in the domain. It needs to be done properly in order to be efficient. If you chose to install it by yourself, you will surely cut some costs with the installation, but if you do not know how to do it, then you should pay the price and have it installed by a professional.


The costs come from the size of the area, the type of the barrier and of course from the installation. Because heat barriers are not insulated, you will also need to install some insulation over the barrier. You can save some money from the installation, by doing it by yourself. You may also consider replacing windows with more energy-efficient ones and also other types of insulation. Compare the costs.

The costs will surely reduce by 30%, which is a nice amount of money if you have high energy costs. The payback from the investment should be achieved in a few years.

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