4 bathroom extractor fans options compared

There are so many options concerning extractor fans for bathrooms, that it can get a little confusing. It’t better to spend some time learning about the different options that are available so you can make a good decision.



When choosing an extractor fan, you need to be sure that it has the right capacity for the size of your bathroom. To calculate the right capacity, you first need to calculate the room volume. Measure the length, the height and the width. Then multiply the volume by 3 and thus you’ll find out the needed capacity of the extractor fan. Why multiply by 3? Because the fan needs to replace the volume of air 3 times and hour.

Also, an extractor fan should use a timer so that it stops working only after 15 minutes from the time you switched if off. This will ensure all the moisture is removed.

2. In the window

Any extractor fan can be easily installed on a window. You just need to cut a small hole in the pane of glass. Then, the fan can be clamped over the hole.

3. Mounting above the shower

The best place to install the extractor fan is above the shower. This way moisture is removed immediately. If you wanna install the fan in the ceiling, you will need to cut a hole in it and then mount the duct through the attic. Although, this is possible only if your working on the last floor. Otherwise, you’ll have to rise the floor.

4. Fitting in the wall

The easiest and fastest way to install an extractor fan, is by mounting it on to an external wall. You will only need to make a cut into the wall, and just fix the fan.

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