7 Tips for installing an extractor fan

Too much moisture in your bathroom can make appear bacteria that can be dangerous for your health, and can also appear mold that can affect your bathroom decorations. This is why it’s best to have a bathroom extractor fan that will keep moisture in the right parameters. Here are some tips about the installation process:


Choosing the type of your fan

Very popular are centrifugal fans, but you can also buy self-regulating or automatic fans.You just need to be careful on the voltage of the fan.

Tip2. Choosing the size of the fan

You need to calculate the volume of the room before choosing the fan. Then multiply it by 4 or 5 and this is the volume the fan should handle.

Tip3. Beware of existing water pipes and cables

Before the installation, you need to be sure there aren’t any pipes or cables in the walls or in the ceiling. You can use a special scanner to see if there are any. Be sure to avoid them or you can cause serious damage to them.

Tip4. Wiring the fan

The easiest way is to connect to the light switch. This way you won’t need to make more wiring to the fan. Also, be careful to tape the wires after you make the connections. Switch off the electricity in the main circuit before you do the wiring.

Tip5. Creating an opening in the ceiling

To do this, you need to measure the fan box and mark the spot on the wall. It’s better to make a smaller hole than the fan and then enlarge it if necessary. Use a drywall saw to cut in the ceiling.

Tip6. Mounting the fan box

Connect the fan box directly to the joists in the ceiling. This way you will be sure the fan won’t move. Attach the rubber hosing to the box.

Tip7. Attach the vent to the nearest Soffit

Find the best soffit available. Read the instructions and you will find out how to connect the hose to the vent that is on the exterior of the soffit.

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