How to fit a shower extractor fan

A shower extractor fan is very important in any bathroom. This can help you eliminate any odors and excess water vapors and condensation. All these can damage your bathroom decoration and make it less healthy.
Most of the times, a window can solve the problem, but if there isn’t one, than it’s best to install a fan.

Some of the things that you will need are: a drill, a core drill bit, a dry wall saw, a screwdriver.

First, you must decide on the location. This is very important because installing the fan in a bad place reduces the performance and the efficiency. You must install It in a place that will assure maximum airflow.

After you’ve decided where to install it, mark the outside area with a pencil. Use the drywall saw to give access to the hole for the fan. Using the drill, fix the first section of the fan grill assembly with retaining screws. After this you should be able to fasten the grill and fit the ducting hose and fan just above.

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