Tips for wiring a bathroom extractor fan

A bathroom extractor fan is used for removing the moisture, heat and steam from the bathroom. This can prevent mold from forming behind the walls or other bacteria that can be harmful for your health.

Before installing the fan, be sure that the main circuit is off.

Also, be sure you have secured all the wires.

Tip1. Build a strong housing box

The housing box needs to be very strong and support the extractor fan. It also needs to keep the fan in place and not allow it to slip. The housing box can be bought at the same time with the extractor fan.

Tip2. Cutting off the main circuit breaker

Be sure you turned off the main circuit breaker before you actually begin the installation. Not only it’s more safe to do the wiring but also prevents shorting the circuits.

Tip3. Secure the wiring

The wiring should be secured and tucked back into the wire box or into the wall. This will prevent the wires from sparking and causing an electrical fire. You should use electrical tape. Read the instructions in the fans’ manual.

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