Bathroom faucet repairs

Damaged faucets not only waste a lot of water, but it can also damage your bathroom because of the moisture. Here’s how you can solve faucet dripping problems.

Faucet type

The most common types of faucets are compression faucets, two handle style, and the “washerless” faucet that has a single lever to control the water flow.

You can also find disc, ball, valve or cartridge faucets.


First of all use a plug for the sink to make sure that you do not lose some tools. Keep track of the handled pieces and also if you need to buy new ones, take them with you at the hardware store. This way you’ll make sure that you’ll buy the exact same piece. Use tape for the wrenches to prevent damaging the surface of the pieces.

Removing faucet handles

The faucets usually leaks because of a damaged rubber gasket, twine or because of the packing nuts that holds the packing in. Leaking spouts are the result of leaking washers or valve seats. These parts will need to be replaced.

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