Bathroom tub remodelling

Over time, bathtubs can get cracked, scraped, stained or just get discolored. It’s time for a new bathtub. You’ll see that it will fully change the way your bathroom looks.

Here are some tips you should consider when remodeling a bathtub.

  • consider buying a classic bathtub. It should be to big but not too small either. You can go and buy one from a garage sale. Surely the prices will be much smaller.
  • these days we need to be eco friendly, so you should buy a smaller bathtub and use less water.
  • because water is such a precious resource, it’s a waste to buy a big tub that uses gallons of water. Buy some modern bathtubs that also have some special energy-efficient fixtures, like: low-flow faucets, motors that use less energy, water restrictors.
  • there are many types of bathtubs. You can buy soaking tubs – these are a little deeper than normal ones, or freestanding bathtubs. You can also find bathtubs that have only one side open, the other three are closed by the walls. Corner bathtubs, spa tubs, whirlpool tubs, massage tubs and walk-in tubs are also available.
  • if you’re not on a budget you can also buy a jacuzzi bathtub for $600-$5000. You will also need a water heater. Usually bathtubs can be found at prices varying from $400-500 to $5000 or even more.
  • an important thing that you need to have in mind is the weight of the bathtub. If it’s too heavy, like the drop-in bathtubs, then you need to make sure that the floor can take the weight.
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