Ideas for your bathroom floors

Let’s take a short look at some bathroom floor covering ideas.


One of the biggest advantage for bathroom carpets is that you can’t slip on them. Another advantage is that they are quite cheap.

The main disadvantage is that carpets need special cleaning. They can get very dirty over time and after a few years you will need to change them, no matter how often you take care of it. One alternative to carpets is foam-backed carpets.

Carpet tiles

The biggest advantage for carpet tiles is that if one piece gets dirty,you can just replace it. The drawback is that you can find many models, and if you’re looking for a certain color or pattern, you may find yourself on a dead end.

Ceramic tiles

These are ideal for bathroom flooring. They can be so easily cleaned and they are very resistant to allergens and moisture. Also, you can find them in a wide variety of colors and patterns. There is only one drawback for these, they can be easily broken on the installation. But this can be avoided if you handle them with care.


If you’re not on a budget and you want to add elegance to your bathroom, you can install a stone floor. Stone tiles are very durable but they are very slippery and cold. If you still want to overcome these problems, you can install some floor heating.


Laminate flooring is one of the less popular choices for bathroom covering. You should know that laminate flooring needs a special installation process, while vinyl covering it’s much easier to install. Vinyl has the advantage that it’s waterproof.


Bamboo floors are more and more popular in bathrooms. Also, it’s the most suitable for bathrooms from all the hardwood floors. Always ask the manufacturer about the strength of each type of bamboo floor.

Remember to always buy floor covering that is waterproof. Water damage can be a real pain.

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