Making a small bathroom look bigger

Every big house has a small bathroom. These bathrooms don’t have a window, and are so small that they cause claustrophobia. Still, there are a few solution to this problem.

1. Walls and ceiling. The first trick you can use is paint the walls in a light color. Patterns can even make rooms look bigger than classic paint. You can go and buy some patterned wallpaper. Always choose a wallpaper pattern that has the light background color and a darker pattern. Use white for the ceiling as it will make it look higher.

2. Floor. Use light colors for the flooring. If you decide on using some ceramic tiles, use medium sized ones (6×8 inches) not small ones, as they actually will make the room look smaller. If you can’t afford replacing the floor and it’s a dark colored one, you can buy a light colored rug.

3. Fixtures and cabinets. Use less fixtures and cabinets. Use pedestal sinks. If you can’t afford one and still have a cabinet, paint it in a light color. Remove any wall cabinets. it’s better that you don’t put anything on the walls. Add a mirror on the sink wall. This will make the space look even higher. You can also use glass shower doors.

4. Lighting. A huge role will be played by lights. For example, you can use a skylight and remove the curtains from the windows. Use fluorescent light bulbs to provide bright and natural light.

5. Decorations. Minimize all wall decorations. Keep all decorations light colored and simple textured. If you want to use darker colors, use them in moderation.

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