Ways to bondo a sink

When it comes to sinks, everybody prefers the cheapest ones even if they can be easily damaged. Fiberglass or cast acrylic sinks are a good alternative to those made of expensive materials such as porcelain or stainless steel. When your sink gets a scratch, all you need is some sandpaper or a polishing compound to fix it.

There are also more complicated damages that need a fiberglass compound to repair it. A cheap way to remove scratches or cracks from your sink is to use fiberglass resin.

How to do it

  • Using a mixture made of 1 cup warm water, 1 tbsp. of liquid dish soap and ¼ cup of baking soda, cover the damaged area of your sink using a sponge.
  • Help the mixture take effect by using overlapping circle with the sponge.
  • Remove the mixture with warm water and absorb the liquid with a fabric.
  • Cut up a piece of fiberglass cloth to cover the damaged area. Mix the Bondo fiberglass resin with the hardener in the kit, following the manufacturer`s instructions (mix 6 tbsp. of resin and ¼ teaspoon of hardener; use a plastic jar).
  • Use a newspaper to put the fiberglass piece on it. Apply the mixture on the fiberglass piece using a little paintbrush. Fix the fiberglass piece on the damaged place and press with your fingers.
  • Add one or more layers of the mixture over the fiberglass piece with the paintbrush and let it get dry for a few hours.
  • Sand the area until it becomes smooth using sandpaper (80-grit). Clean the dust resulted from sanding using a tack fabric. Apply a layer of epoxy-based paint and let it dry for one or two days.
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