Dealing with low ceilings

If you feel trapped in your own room because of the low ceiling, maybe it’s time do to something about it. There are a few things that you can do to make your room seem taller.

First of all, if your ceiling has a chair rail, you should remove it.

It makes your ceiling look even lower than it is. Although on higher ceiling it looks good, on lower ceilings chair rails look bad.

If you don’t know if you should use some ceiling moldings because of the ceiling height, then you should know that these don’t make it lower. You don’t need to make moldings of more than 2-3 inches. They will make the room feel more elegant and won’t affect the height.

Colors are very important for ceilings. A lighter color for the ceiling will make it look that it’s higher than it really is. To achieve an even better effect, you can use a darker color for the walls and a lighter color for the ceiling. This will surely help your height problem.

Although colors may help, you need say no to ceiling decorations. Although ceiling moldings can be done, they should be better neglected. The surface of the ceiling should be smooth.

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