How to paint a tin ceiling

It’s more than easy to paint aluminium ceilings, because they come already painted with a layer of primer. They actually are prepared for painting before you buy them. Another advantage is that you can paint them before you install them.
This way you save yourself a backache. Sometimes they don’t even need painting because or their ornaments. The shadows create a realistic effect and are more than elegant this way. Still, if you decide to paint them, use oil based paints, and use light colors. Oil based paints last longer on metal and offer a nice finish.

If you have a pub or something, consider powder coating. This adds a more resistant layer to the tiles, on both sides. The powder coating is more limited in colors, but surely will satisfy most tastes. If you decide to do this, order your aluminium tiles so that they come without the primer and be sure they are sturdy enough to support the coating.


Use normal 2-3 inches width brushes. You may need to add more than one layer to the tiles. If the color is darker than a third one may be needed. Be sure to buy high quality brushes. On details use smaller and finer ones. Be consistent in painting, for example paint the details in one way only. The strokes need to match. You need to have a small piece of cloth so that you can remove any excess paint immediately.


Don’t go in too much details. If the ceiling is a little taller than usual, these fine details won’t be noticeable. Don’t work in vain. Also, remember that “Less is more”. Don’t crowd your ceiling. Use just a few colors.

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