How to soundproof your ceiling

Soundproofing a ceiling it’s an easier job than you may think. The only thing that you will need is time. You will put some effort into it so be ready.
Also, it’s not a job that you can do by yourself. You will need someone to help you.

What You Need

  • Ladder
  • Fiberglass insulation
  • Dense foam tiles
  • Acoustical caulk
  • Isolation clips

Step1. First of all you’ll need to expose the ceiling. There has to be only the struts exposed. Everything else that covers them needs to be removed. You can keep the drywall sheets as it will be easier for you to mount them then cut new ones. Be careful not to tear them apart. Be careful to wear some protective suit when handling the fiber glass.

Step2. Then, tightly pack the foam into the spaces in the ceiling, between the struts. Most normal sounds can be blocked by R12 or R13 foam insulation. The R index refers to the density of the foam and it’s property to absorb sounds.

Step3.Inspect the ceiling for cracks and holes. Any of them can let the sound pass. Use some acoustical chalk to seal them.

Step4. After this, you need to place some high density ceiling tiles. You should find many models at any tile shop. They also come in different densities, so be careful what you choose. Higher density means more sound absorbed.

Step5. Again, use some acoustical chalk to seal cracks and holes in the ceiling. It’s very important that the ceiling is airtight, so be careful.

Step6. Replace your ceiling drywall using isolation clips to separate the drywall slightly from the wooden struts and other layers of soundproofing materials.This type of ceiling is called floating ceiling. This helps lessen the noises caused from vibrations.

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