The advantages of metal ceiling tiles

Metal ceiling tiles have many more advantages than plaster ones, and this includes not only durability, but also appearance.

1. Adds value to your house

Metal ceiling tiles have a very long life span and are very durable and elegant.

They add value to your home, and so they are a good investment if you want to sell your house.

2. Adds strength to the structure

Because of the material from which they are made, metal ceiling tiles are resistant to any factors that would normally damage plaster tiles. They do not rot, crack or absorb moisture and they are very solid.

3. Resistant to moisture

A disadvantage for plaster tiles is that they easily absorb moisture, and this can severely damage them. Metal tiles are waterproof and they don’t need any repairs.

4. Resistant to crack and damage

Unlike plaster tiles that can crack over time, a metal tile retains it’s shape for ages. They are also resistant to peeling.

5. They are available in many finishes and styles

They are available in many finishes like: steel, copper, brass, chrome and aluminum. Also they can have effects like: bare, polished or powder coated.

6. They can be painted to match any decor

They can be used to fit in any home. Just add a few coats of paint over them and you have yourself a nice room. If you want to change the color, just remove the old paint and then paint them again with a different color.

7. Minimal maintenance

After you’ve installed them, all you need to do is wipe them of dust. You don’t have to worry about anything else. They will last longer than the house.

8. Has superior fire and moisture resistance properties

Because they are made of metal they are resistant to mold. Also they are fireproof, making them the best choice for your house.

9. Easy to install

They are much lighter then plaster tiles and thus they take less time to install. Almost anyone can do this job.

10. They are ideal for covering imperfections in the ceiling

They are ideal if you want to cover some old peeled ceiling. The ease of installation and added beauty of these tiles make them ideal for renovation and repair projects.

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