Vaulted ceiling building

When you decide you want to tear down the ceiling and make a vaulted ceiling, then you should pay careful attention to the structural joists. These are critical components to the houses structure, so if yo cut them down, you will risk the collapse of your home. You need the advice of a structural engineer.

You will need to ask a specialist about the insulation. There are some principals that need to be taken into account. There must be a small space between the roof and the insulation etc.

Before starting the project you should also take in consideration the construction of highlights or flared light shafts. These will give plenty of sun light and a more cool look.

Another great idea, as you’re doing the redecoration, is a sound system. If you want the room to have a big movie TV, then you should consider installing a speaker system in the walls. This is the perfect time.

This is also a perfect time to replace the old wiring and put some CAT5 low voltage wires.

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