All about ceramic tiles and vitrified tiles

For many years, ceramic tiles have been used for a lot of things like counter tops, walls, floors and roofing but if you want something special, you can choose the vitrified tiles which offer a lot of colored glass options. If you want to find out more information about these two, you’ll have to read the entire article.

First of all, both products are man made.

The production of ceramic starts with the clay body that is topped with a ceramic glaze. For the vitrified tiles, they are using fusing silica and clay placed under high temperature and the result will be a glass-like texture.

It doesn’t matter what type of color, pattern or size you want, ceramics will always be cheaper. This allows most people to use it at home in a much higher quantity than the vitrified ones.

In case of durability, vitrified tiles are the best. They can be compared even with granite which is one of the most durable materials used for home projects. You can also rely on vitrified tiles when it comes to the ability of resisting to scratches, withstand acids or chemicals.

Vitrified tiles can be found in homogenous form in nature, while the ceramic tiles have a decorative glaze on top. The shine part is given with manual polish for the vitrified tiles, while the ceramic tiles receive it from the glaze that comes over it. In time glazes while get scratched easily, they will turn yellow and start cracking.

None of these materials can get stained but the grout is their weak point for this problem. Maintenance is quite similar for both of them and cleaning can be done real easy. A damp cloth is everything you need when doing their cleaning. In case the tiles get greasy, you can use some chemicals without any problem. Mold and mildew will find it impossible to grow on these tiles because of their non-porous surfaces. This quality makes the tiles the right ones for pools, bathrooms and kitchens.

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