All about porcelain and ceramic tiles

Because they have access to many types of tiles, people find it difficult to choose the right one for their home. Although the search was narrowed down to two types of tiles, porcelain and ceramic, they are almost the same so you need to know a little bit about both in order to choose the right one.

The materials used for both tiles are clay and quartz sand.

A clear difference between them is the price because the porcelain tiles are made from a more refined and polished clay than any other type of ceramic tiles. Besides this, porcelain tiles have a higher density which makes them better against water and moisture. Also they can be used in cold weather because they can easily withstand a harsh environment.

The process through which the clay material is passing makes the porcelain tiles harder in texture and for this reason they can be used for flooring functions. Usually, white clay is used in the manufacturing process.

You can find glazed and unglazed porcelain tiles. Most people tend to choose the unglazed tiles because their colors make the scratches and dirt not visible. You will have some problems cutting the porcelain tiles because of their hardness and high density.

Ceramic tiles can also be found in glazed and unglazed types. Because they can easily crack, unglazed ceramic tiles are not recommended for flooring purposes. Because they have great colors and designs, glazed ceramic tiles are very good for walls but not suitable for bathrooms because of the slippery condition. The clay used for their manufacturing can be brown, white or red.

Because the appearance of their home is an image of their personality, people are willing to spend as much as it takes for beauty and elegance. This is a very good reason for choosing the right materials for all constructions and renovations. Because they are intended to add class to your home, tiles need to be chosen carefully. It’s entirely up to you how much money do you want to spend and what type of tiles do you intend to use for your house.

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