Ceramic tiles without bad effects over the nature

Ceramic tiles is most of the times the first choice for designers when it comes to flooring because of its wide array of colors and the lack of bad effects for the environment. Because of their long life, homeowners have to replace them less often which is good for the waste in landfills and the energy savings from the new product manufacturing.

Beside the fact that it has a long durability, ceramic tiles are not releasing any chemicals in the air which is good because it doesn’t make the air quality worse.

Moreover, these tiles do not require too much effort for maintenance like wood, carpet or natural stone. Ceramic along with porcelain and vitrified tiles are made from natural clay that can be found near factories and do not need any natural resources that may affect the environment. Even if you may not know from the first time what material is that, ceramic is a great alternative for any traditional flooring. The ceramic tile is covered with glaze that prevents any contaminates, so for this reason you don’t need any chemical cleaner for it. In this case, warm water is enough for a good cleaning.

An important advantage offered by the ceramic tiles is the wide variety of designs and the big number of ways in which it can be made to simulate wood, natural stone, etc. Even interior designers are advising people to use tiles instead of natural stone for example, because there is no major difference and the nature is also protected. Another replacement, for wood this time,  is Wood which is much cheaper, durable and requires almost no maintenance. The great feeling comes when the homeowners can get the feeling of real wood without actually cutting them. Thanks to advanced technology the ceramic tiles can be custom designed and made after every homeowner’s preference.

In order to be more attractive for the buyers, ceramic tiles are made with lead free glaze for green properties and also “Nano Coating”, a revolutionary technology that keeps away dirt, stains and provides a longer resistance. Another technology that can be found on new age tiles is the Solar Reflex Index that helps the buildings with electricity consumption through its low thermal conductivity. Some new products recently appeared on the market are the ceramic and glass tiles that use only recycled materials. The glass tiles are made 100% from recycled glass and are very appreciated by the designers because of their high decorative quality. A very interesting idea in which designers think of using ceramic tiles includes broken waste tile pieces for creating design patterns.

Even ceramic tiles manufacturers are contributing to environment protection. They use more and more energy efficient means and dust recovery systems. The largest companies for ceramic tiles are undertaking recycling of the sludge that is created during a manufacturing process and reusing scrap ceramic material that would end up in a landfill, polluting the environment.

There are so many ways in which eco-friendly materials can be designed that any taste can be fulfilled with an aesthetically appealing result for the wall or floor. All that is needed is just some awareness among ceramic tiles producers that relate to some important environmental concerns. For a completely green building, ceramic tiles are the best choice because of their long life cycle, natural durability and low maintenance.

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