Cleaning ceramic wall tiles

Although ceramic tiles are installed mainly in showers and bathtubs, they can also be found on floors and walls. It’s good to have ceramic tiles in the bathroom because it’s easier to keep it clean and prevent stains and odors.

The bad part for a wall that has ceramic tiles on it is the cleaning part because they dwell very easily on the surface.

In order to be effective, the cleaners need to have time to react with the dirt and stains so in the end you just wipe them off.

Other objects that are near the area you are going to clean need to be protected from the chemicals because they can be seriously damaged.

Keeping the cleaning chemicals on the ceramic wall tiles enough time to do their job is the main problem. You can use a soft scrubbing sponge for this thing because it can keep a large volume of cleaning chemicals on the wall and in the same time you can agitate the ceramic wall tiles and grout.

You should not clean the entire wall in the same time. It’s better to work on smaller areas so that the chemicals stay in contact with the wall surface constantly. After you have finished with one section of the ceramic wall, start rinsing the area of tile and grout so that in the end there will be no sign of cleaner residue left.

It’s hard to damage ceramic tiles with cleaning chemicals. You can use an acidic cleaner to spray it on the wall and then agitate it into the grout. It’s not good to leave excess acidic cleaner on the tiles so you need a scrubbing brush and some hot water to clean it up.
Spraying it this way will help you prevent the acidic cleaner to damage the underlying surface. You need to keep away any carpets or stainless steal from the acidic cleaner or else they will get damaged if they come in contact with it.

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