How to drill holes in ceramic tile

Drilling holes is not hard

You should not worry about cracking or scratching the tile when you drill a hole into the ceramic wall. It’s hard to think about replacing an entire tile after you destroyed it with the drilling machine. In reality is not that bad and if you follow the next steps, your ceramic tile drilling will end up well.

Type of the drill bit

First of all, you need a carbide tipped drill bit. The common ones that you use for metal won’t work because they are not able to cut the hard ceramic glaze that covers the tile. At any DIY store you can find drill bits with a special mark that means you can use them for drilling through ceramic tile.

How to prevent the drill from slipping on the ceramic surface

For this problem you can use two pieces of masking tape put in an “X” over the place you want do drill so that the spot is exactly in the middle. This way the drill bit will not slip and you can finish your drilling. You should start slowly until the moment the drill bit has penetrated the surface glaze and then you can increase the power.

Changing the drill bit after the ceramic tile has been penetrated

After the drill bit has reached the back of the tile, you need to slow down for a good exit. When you have penetrated the first part completely, another drill bit is required for the rest of the drilling. There are only two options: either a wood drill or a masonry drill.

How to drill a pilot hole

Some people say that it’s better to start drilling with a pilot hole. This means that you need 2 ceramic tile drill bits instead of one. Another possibility would be to drill slowly and make sure the bit doesn’t slip.

How to choose a drill

When your work involves ceramic tiles, you need to make sure that your power drill has a variable speed control. The best ones for this kind of jobs are the portable power drills.

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