Kitchen ceramic tiles

Ceramic flooring is the best choice for a kitchen because it resists very well to moisture and scratches. Also it can be installed very easily and needs almost no maintenance. It can be found in many colors, designs and patterns so there’s no possibility that someone will not find what he wants and likes.

You can wipe off easily every spill or stain from a ceramic floor. Even if you don’t want to, food particles always end up on the floor. This is the advantage of a ceramic floor that you can brush all the food particles no matter how small they are. In case of liquids all you need is a cotton cloth or tissue paper and the problem is solved.

For a better hygiene you can vacuum and wash the ceramic slabs but once a month is more than enough. Oxygen bleach solution is very good for this kind of floors because it’s not toxic and will clean the grout lines too. The cleaning process is very easy: you just prepare the solution, flood your kitchen with it and after 15 minutes you just clean the entire room with water.

The installation of ceramic kitchen tiles can be made by yourself and a little bit of help. After cutting them and setting all over the place, take care of the grouting part which requires more time because you have to move slow. After the whole job is finished leave the floor like that for a few hours while the slabs are setting firmly on the surface.

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