The timeless solution for ceramic tiles

A bathroom or kitchen without wall tiles would have big problems with the paint and wall paper because of the high level of moisture. This situation will help damp problems appear which will decrease your home value significantly.

Most of the times, people use ceramic tiles because they are cheap and can be found in many styles and finishes.

Besides these, natural stone tiles are starting to be bought more often. There are tiles designed for the walls which are not good for the floor because they are very slippery in wet conditions. Even if many types of tiles can be used both for floors and walls, not all of them are interchangeable.

Tiles have been used by people since ancient Egypt but today they are still amazing through their designs and colors. Tiles have always had the function of decorative features both for walls and floors. It didn’t take long for glazing to appear and from that moment on, Roman bath houses changed completely. They changed completely the way people dealt with moisture in this kind of rooms.

Water repelling property is one of the most important for ceramic tiles. Even if today we have big manufacturing buildings with all this new technology, the process for ceramic tiles hasn’t changed and it’s the same one from the Egyptians time.

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