Bleach - dangerous if inhaled

Every housewife keeps in her bathroom, kitchen or laundry room a bottle containing bleach. Used for cleaning and disinfecting, bleach can produce a series of unpleasant effects if inhaled.

Solutions to prevent inhaling

One can inhale the fumes of bleach while cleaning or washing.

To avoid this, try to keep your windows open or wear a mask. Always follow the producer`s instructions when cleaning or washing with bleach. Wash your hands every time after the product gets in contact with your skin.

Negative effects

Your esophagus and lungs can be badly damaged if you inhale bleach. You can also damage your respiratory tract. Even if these effects are rare and may not occur, it is better to use bleach keeping your windows open or when your ventilation system is turned on.

When bleach is mixed up with water, the risk of side-effects is lower. However, try to avoid exposing yourself for a long time and always use a surgical mask when using the product.

Skin irritation

Having a PH bigger than 8, bleach will make your skin slippery. So, wash your hands to get rid of the unpleasant sensation and smell. Using lemon and vinegar will help.

The fumes that remain in your skin can also be dangerous if inhaled for a long time and also can worsen the inhalation symptoms before.

High concentrations of bleach – risks

High concentrations of bleach can produce unpleasant effects if inhaled (nose and eyes irritation, cough). Extremely high concentrations of bleach (500 ppm) can badly affect your respiratory tract and sometimes produce death. One should always report the side-effects of inhaling bleach if they occur and wear proper equipment when using the product.


Always call a health care specialist or a poison control center to get professional help if you inhaled bleach.

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