Cleaning mildew from kitchen

Mildew is a big problem in every kitchen. The moisture is higher and also it is a warm place for the mildew. The thing is that mildew can affect your health and is very important to remove it, especially that is in a cooking area.

Put some rubber gloves and a mask and start cleaning the mildew.

Choosing products

The most important thing is to choose the product that best suits your needs. Is your mildew problem really big? Then you should get the best and most powerful cleaning product on the market. If the mildew problem is not that big, you can choose some green products. Make sure that the products are not toxic especially that you’re cleaning a cocking zone and also if you have pets and small children.

Hidden mildew

Mildew is most of the time hidden in dark corners. You should use a flashlight and look under the sink, around the garbage bags, dishwasher, cooker, fridge and under cabinets. Anywhere where there may be a little moisture, you can expect mildew to grow.

Cleaning mildew stains

To remove the stains, you need to first remove the mildew from the surface. Use some backing soda and vinegar to remove much of the mildew. For black mildew stains use a more powerful cleaner.


Now you need to kill any bacteria that is still present. This will prevent any mildew from forming back. Use some disinfectant and a clean piece of cloth.

Preventing mildew from reappearing

Prevention is simple. Regular cleaning should solve the problem. Just use a disinfectant spray every time you clean the sink, dishwasher and the place near the garbage bags.

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