Cleaning agents for mildew and mold

Mildew problems are something every homeowner will have to handle one day or another. The mildew formations can be removed with the help of some natural-homemade products or commercial ones.


This is one of the best cleaning products for mildew removal.

It is available in almost any store. To make the cleaning paste, mix the borax powder with some water. The abrasive properties will help you remove the mildew from any surface.


Bleach is also great for removing mildew, although it is toxic and you should wear a mask and rubber gloves. An alternative to chlorine bleach is oxygen bleach. This one is non-toxic and is also very powerful and effective.


If you would like to use non-toxic products, like household products, then vinegar should be your choice. Mix one part vinegar with one part water and then apply the solution on the mildew. This is a very effective and cheap way to remove mildew.

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