Cleaning cat pee from the couch

You should clean cat pee as soon as it happens. This will reduce smells and stains, of course. Here’s how it’s done.

Cleaning cat pee

  • use paper towels to absorb the fluids.
  • sponge the area with some cold water.
  • again, use paper towels to absorb the liquids.
  • make a mixture of one tablespoon of white spirit or grape vinegar with 2 cups of tepid water.
  • dab the solution to prevent any stains.
  • now it’s time to use some specialized cleaners.

Cat pee removal

  • you should never use ammonia based cleaning products, as cat pee contains ammonia. This way you will only make the cat to do this again on the same spot.
  • always wear gloves to avoid contact with bacteria.
  • the vinegar solution may stain your couch. First of all test it in a spot that can’t be seen.
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