Cleaning mildew from walls and ceilings

Mildew is a serious danger to your health and it needs to be handled immediately. If the mildew starts growing on walls, it will quickly spread to your ceiling and room objects. Mildew is caused by high moisture, shade and warm temperatures, and it can appear on almost any surface.

Also the lack of ventilation may cause mildew formations.


High humidity is the main cause for mildew formations. This is why it’s important that your rooms are well ventilated. Air circulation reduces humidity levels. You can also use a dehumidifier or an air conditioner if your room doesn’t have windows.

Safety measures

Always wear a mask and rubber gloves when you clean mildew. This way avoid any respiratory problems and burns and skin infections. You will also be using bleach or other commercial cleaner and these emanate toxic fumes.

Chlorine bleach and laundry powder

The best solution for removing mildew is to mix hot water, bleach and laundry detergent. This Is very effective and can work on any surfaces. Also this way you will be more cost-effective.

Anti-mildew paint

Anti-mildew paint will help you escape these mildew related problems. If you didn’t paint your walls with this kind of paint, you can use it now. Clean the areas and then repaint the walls.

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