Dealing with basement odors

If there are some bad smells coming from your basement, this means that there may be mold and mildew deposits, and also this means moisture. Not only that these smells are unpleasant, but they are also a danger to your health. Also the bad smells may be a sign that there is something wrong in your basement that can even affect the structure of your home.


Leaks are the main cause for bad smells. High humidity help mold and mildew to grown and produce odors and damage. Check every pipe and inch of wall for cracks and leaks. Rain water may also infiltrate through the wall so check them for fissures. It would be perfect if you could apply a waterproof coating of paint.


Fresh air is the best solution for removing odors. Open the windows and the doors in sunny days and let the basement dry and fill with fresh air. Use a dehumidifier if your basement lacks windows. This will reduce the level of moisture and prevent fungi formation. Also check the air ducts if they are clean. They should provide a nice flow of fresh air.

Unwanted items

Clear out and clean your basement. Basements are usually a storage space for most users. They store so many items that they forget about them and never use them again. These get covered by dust and also may be a nice home for fungi. Remove those items and sell them or just donate them.

Cleaning upholstery

Cleaning is the only way you could get rid of bad smells. Dry up any furniture, carpets or upholstery. Place these items in the sun. If some of the carpets are damages, just dispose of them as they can become mildew deposits.

Cleaning mildew and mold

For mildew and mold removal use bleach solutions. You can also use vinegar. Use a scrubbing brush to clean the areas. Make sure that you dry these areas to prevent any further mildew formation. Check every corner in the basement.


Baking soda is know for its proprieties to absorb humidity and also odors. Place an opened container of baking soda in your basement. Once a few month you will need to replace it.

Water infiltration is a big problem that can be avoided. Inspect the area around your house and make sure that water flows away from your home.

Always air the basement. Fresh air will dry the room and reduce the moisture level.

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