How to clean mildew from canvas

Removing mildew stains from any material can be a real pain. But don’t give up. There are simple methods through which you can remove any traces of mildew.

Drying the canvas

Don’t get started on the cleaning before you dry the canvas. Let it dry in the sun until there is no more moisture left.

Preparing the canvas

It’s important that you remove any loose material that you can. This will prevent it from getting in the fabric even more when you rub the spot. You may use a clean, dry, stiff brush. You can find specialized brushes. For small spots you can also use a toothbrush.

After you have removed all that could be removed from the canvas, use the vacuum cleaner to remove even more dirt and mildew.

Cleaning the canvas

The first step is killing any mold and mildew that has still resisted. One of the ways to do this is by using alcohol and water. Rub the spot with this solution. Use a wet rag to remove any surface material. Dampen the rag and repeat the step until the area is clean. Rinse the canvas and allow it to dry.

Finishing up

Now, all that remains is to wash that particular fabric. If you have to wash a carpet, use water and carpet detergent. This applies also to larger objects. Cleaning smaller objects is more simple. Put them in a washing machine to clean them.

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