How to remove wax from your cloths

Scraping the wax

First of all you will need to remove all the excess wax. You can do this with a sharp object, like a knife or razor blade. For this operation, the wax needs to be hard.

Also, be careful not to damage the fabric.

Ironing the fabric

After you have removed the excess wax, you can start ironing the cloths. You will need to place an absorbing paper towel underneath the fabric and one over the fabric, so that the wax doesn’t stick to the iron.You should use as much heat as the garment can support, but be careful not to damage it. Replace the towels if necessary.

Cleaning the wax with a hair dryer

For this step, put a paper towel under the fabric and then use the hair dryer and remove as much wax as possible.

Using ice

You may remove the wax completely if it didn’t infiltrated in the fabric. Use a bag full of ice to make the wax hard, and the try to scrao it away.

Rubbing alcohol

Another way you can remove wax from cloths is by using rubbing alcohol. This is mostly for removing the dye from the wax, if there is any. Tap easily with a paper towel soaked in alcohol and then sponge the place with some water. Dry it immediately afterwards.


Even though many stains should be remove immediately after they happen, wax stains need to be handled in a different way. You need to let the wax harden before you try to remove it. This way you should have less problems.

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