Removing makeup stains

Every woman knows that sooner or later, nail polish will get on the carpet or on her cloths. Removing them can be a really difficult job. There are two types of makeup: oily and non-oily.
Each of them requires a special method for removal. It’s important that you test the materials before use cleaning products.

Here are some cleaners and ingredients you can use for stain removal:

  • Rubbing alcohol (isopropyl alcohol)
  • Hydrogen peroxide
  • Cleaning solvents, such as lighter fluid, turpentine or mineral spirits.
  • Any good all-fabric bleach
  • Chlorine bleach
  • Household ammonia
  • Clean white cloth

Of course that it’s easier to remove stains if they are fresh. Do try and remove them immediately.

Lipstick is an oil based product and can be washed with a prewash stain remover before you try to wash the cloth. Read the label on the garment to see if it’s dry clean only. Don’t rub the stain as it will only get deeper in the fabric. Blot the stain with a piece of clean cloth and then rinse it in warm water.

Many times, rubbing alcohol is a good method to remove lipstick stains. Dab the stains with a little alcohol and then put some detergent on it too. Wash the garment.

Ammonia is another solution. First of all you will need to blot the stains and remove as much of the lipstick as possible, and then put a little ammonia on the spot. Rinse and wash the garment. Ammonia should be used on silk and wool.

You should attempt to clean a piece of cloth is it’s very special to you and it’s made from a special material. Take it to a professional.

Nail polish is also easy to remove. Just use some acetone to put on the stain.

Removing mascara requires different methods. One of the methods is using oil solvents. The enzymes in the solvent breaks down the protein glue and releases it from the fabric.

Liquid makeup stains are quite hard to remove. You can use the same methods as in the case of mascara, but you will have to repeat the step more than one time. You can also use liquid dish soap, as it can also cut the protein glue.

Hair dye stains can be removed by blotting the stain with some rubbing alcohol/isopropyl alcohol. You can also use turpentine, lighter fluid, and mineral spirits, but not on all fabrics.

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