Stove and oven cleaning

Cleaning your stove will keep it in good shape and have a long life span. You should be careful though with the cleaning products that you use. It’s important that these products should not be abrasive and scratch the surface of the stove.
They can also cause discoloration of it. Before starting to clean the stove or oven, be sure that the gas is off, and it’s cool so that you avoid burning yourself.

Surface Burners and Burner Box

Many of the most popular stove models now have sealed burners, and so the burner box is sealed from the stovetop. You should never try to remove the stove top only if you are a professional. If you want to clean the stove, you don’t need to remove the top.

To ease your work, you can try and clean spills each time they happen. This way you will prevent any stains. Be careful though that the stove is cool. Clean it with plain dish washer and water using a sponge. If there are some more difficult burns, you can use a medium abrasive cleaner. Use a piece of cloth for the process. As a household alternative, you can use some baking soda and water. Detachable parts can be washed under a jet of water with dish washer and using a plastic scouring pad.

The cook top should be cleaned with soapy water. If your oven or stove has glass displays, use some glass cleaner. Spray it on the piece of cloth you will use and then wipe it.

Oven door

For cleaning the door, use some soapy water too and then rinse it with clean water. You can also use glass cleaner for the glass. Be careful not to scratch the surface with abrasive cleaners.

Oven interior

You can use abrasive cleaners but they need to be mild and also you can use plastic pads. You should clean all the spills immediately as they happen, especially acidic ones, like tomato and milk. For a quick clean when the oven is hot, just put some salt on the spot. For the interior of the oven you can also use baking soda and water.

Before starting to clean the interior walls, remove the racks and clean them in soapy water. Dry them before installing them back.


For metal trims, use only non abrasive cleaners. They should be cleaned with glass cleaners or with soapy water. Also, plastic trims can be very quickly cleaned with glass cleaning products.

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