Suggestions to polish a bronze lamp

When it comes to old bronze pieces almost all collectors prefer the bright aspect of bronze rather than the oxidized one. The brightness of a polished bronze lamp can be affected during time if there is too much sun or dampness in the room. There are several products that can help your bronze lamp become brilliant again.

  • Soapy water 

The dirt and dust on a bronze lamp can easily be removed using soap and water. Use a mixture of water and soap to clean your lamp if it hasn’t any heavy patina on it. If present, crevices on the lamp can be cleaned up using an ordinary toothbrush. After all these actions are accomplished, rinse the lamp with a wet fabric. Keep the wiring away from soap and water.

  • Homemade cleaners

To make your bronze lamp sparkle again, try to use common homemade cleaners. Make a paste using vinegar, salt and flour and clean the base of the lamp, moving your hand round. Remove the paste after half an hour using a wet fabric.

  • Polishing products

There are many types of bronze cleaners and polish in professional stores that can take effect on brass and copper too. All you need to do is to use these products as written in the instructions. Too much use of these chemicals can harm your lamp. Therefore, try to use only natural cleaners with your lamp.

  • Polishing

To protect your lamp from dirt and air, apply a layer of transparent paste wax, but make sure it’s not a kind of wax used for automobiles because it can harm your lamp. Instead of a paste wax you can also use olive oil. Remember that polished bronze must have a nice and fuzzy glow.

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