Using animal safe floor cleaners

If you have a pet and you’re concerned of using chemical cleaners, than you should know there are a few alternatives.

White wine vinegar

White wine vinegar is especially good for cooking, but it’s also a good cleaner, if combined with water. A mixture of 1/4 a cup of vinegar and a cup of water is very efficient against many stains and dirt accumulations, and first of all it’s pet safe.

Mild soap

Mild or natural soap is an acceptable floor cleaner, when combined with water.It is also safe for the animals, but for better protection, you should keep them away until you rinse all the soap. Be careful not to leave the soap on the floor, because pet may ingest it.

Steam cleaners

Steam cleaners are a little expensive, but if you can afford one, then use it with no problem. Steam is not harmful for the pets, though, be careful not to use commercial solutions for cleaning. These can be dangerous.

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