Ways of cleaning permanent marker from clothes

When a permanent marker gets in contact with our clothes, it stains them. Just washing the clothes is not enough to get rid of the mark even when one uses the washing machine. Different fabrics need different remedies to get rid of the marker stains.

Steps to follow

  1. Put some nail polish on the spot and clean it up using paper towels.
  2. Add a cup of salt in the washing machine and wash the cloth; do not use any detergent.
  3. Use a hairspray and a cotton swab to clean the stain on your cloth only after you have put a paper towel under it. This will help removing the stain and at the same time, won`t let it get to the other side.
  4. Make the stain go away by applying WD-40. Use a paper towel to clean it.
  5. Put some vinegar in a jar and then get the stained area into it for more than 60 minutes. Run it through the washing machine.
  6. Make a paste by mixing cream of tartar and lemon juice; apply it on the stain and let it take effect for 60 minutes. Run the cloth through the washing machine.
  7. Try to wash the stain using toothpaste and a paper towel. Make sure not to use gel, but paste.
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