18v Batteries for Ryobi Tools

The Ryobi 18v batteries are available for many of the tools labeled Ryobi. The unique thing about Ryobi is that its batteries are compatible with all the Ryobi chargers, which means that when in need to replace a battery, the old charger will work..

One Plus Battery

This battery will allow you to use the same 18v battery on almost all Ryobi power tools that use this kind of battery and voltage. This means that while using a battery, you can charge another one. The One Plus Battery is compatible with all Ryobi 18v products, which means you won’t need to think of what replacement battery to get.

Dual Batteries Pack

For those who work continuously,Ryobi also offers dual battery packs. These packs are not more expensive than the single pack, they’re lightweight ( 5 pounds each), making them easier to use.

Lithium Batteries

For heavy duty batteries look for Lithium batteries. Beside the power gauge that tells you how much power they hold, they also offer a two times longer run-time .

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