About 12v Drill Battery

Drill batteries come in different types. The purpose of a drill battery is to keep the battery charged and able to use without you having to plug it in. A cordless drill needs a battery that can provide long charge times.

Nickel Cadmium batteries

These batteries can offer almost five hundred recharges, which makes them the most often used type. In order for the drill to remain at a manageable weight, the weight of the battery is around one pound.

Ni-MH batteries

Ni-MH batteries are also very common on 12v drills and can provide several charges. This types of drills can hold a charge for two and a half hours, but this depends on the amount of work you put the drill to when not charged. The more difficult the drilling is, the less charge time you can expect.

Ni-CAD batteries

These batteries have no memory effect, which means that a fully charged battery awaits to be used when needed.

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