About 12v Drills

12v drills are small, but quite powerful, depending on the job. They are not made for masonry work, and won’t do so good  when drilling large holes in hardwood or metal. Nonetheless, they are the best choice for screw driving and hole drilling, tasks that don’t request more than 12 volts of power.

Before you rush to the store to get yourself one, you should consider a number of factors that will make you understand what is the right drill for you. Anyway, a 12 volt drill is no more than $180 for a top-of-the-line model.

Battery types

Many models now run on Lithium-ion batteries, which are lightweight and yet powerful. A drill with this kind of battery can keep you charged longer and less fatigued.

Reversible drill

Drills with reversible bit rotations are quite standard nowadays. This is an important aspect in selecting a drill, and while you’re at it, search for one with easy speed selection.

Comfortable handles

12v drills are smaller than cordless drills, but this doesn’t mean they can’t be uncomfortable. For looking for a drill, try it out first, taking into consideration the size of the handle, because some have it smaller, which makes the drill more comfortable for the women. Most manufacturers add rubber grips and pads trying to make the drill more comfortable. Therefore, chose a drill with these features so that you won’t feel it uncomfortable after a long use.

Does it stand up?

Even though this is not so important, a standing drill can ease your use of  it. There are drills that can stand, but there are some that don’t due to their lack of balance or batteries that aren’t flat.

One hand chuck

Key-less chucks are standard on most drills, in particular for the do-it-yourself ones. Any drill you buy should come with one, unless you want to keep up with a chuck key. In addition to a key-less chuck, make sure the drill you chose has a one hand chuck, making the drill both quicker and easier to use.

Drill weight

Unlike the standing feature, the weight is an important aspect you need to take into consideration. 12v drills don’t cause much fatigue, but of course, the smaller the machine, the smaller the toll.
Torque and speed

Torque is important when driving screws, while speed is important for drilling holes. If you want to use the drill on different materials and expect it to be effective, look for one that has both.
Magnetic bit tray

Although it makes work much easier, is not an absolute necessity. The ability to keep the bits on the drills saves time and eliminates the possibility of loosing them when you’re on top of the ladder.

Take into consideration all the factors above and you’ll find the right drill for you.

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