About 14.4v Drills

Being something between a 12v drill and an 18v drill, the 14.4v drill is just the right tool for those working in their homes, garages and workshops for fun or for small jobs. Although it may seem that a 12v is close to a 14.

4v, the difference is quite considerably. In fact, regarding the power and the price a 14.4v drill is much closer to an 18v drill, so all the facts point out that you would be doing a great deal with such a tool. If you decide to buy one, you’ll have access to many models from a high number of manufacturers. These tools vary in price from $85 to $500, but the difference is not entirely based on the name of the manufacturer but also on the features offered.

Drill size
The size and weight of such tools are very important taking into consideration the fact that they’re often used for a long period of time. A good idea in this case would be to try more different models before purchasing one, to see if you are able to do with it whatever you intend to do.

Drill speed and torque
Two of the main features of such tools are speed and torque. The first one is important when you are trying to bore some holes and the second is for driving screws. If you know exactly what you are going to do with it, it’s better to buy a drill with just the needed feature. On the other hand, if you need both of them, it’s no problem because with the aid of 2 speed settings, the drill can be used for either job.

Drill battery
Many clients choose to buy a cordless drill because it’s much easier to use it. The downside of these tools is the battery. Until recently, the batteries needed to be charged for long periods of time, but after the Lithium-Ion batteries were introduced, things became much simpler. These new batteries could be charged more times than the previous ones and also the duration was shorter.

Drill chuck
To make your life easier, it’s better to choose a key-less chuck. This will give you the possibility to forget about the chuck key and also to change the bits more easily. Also don’t forget about the one-hand chuck which makes the handling of the drill a breeze.

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