About 18v Bosch Drills

The Bosch 18v drill comes with many options and features, including multiple position clutches. Drills of this brad are often used by professionals or those who often use a drill.

The Compact Tough Half-inch Drill Model

This drill offers 390 pounds of torque, 80 more than the previous model, a speed of almost 1500 RPMs, 150 RPMs faster than the last model.

The drills can reach hard to get areas and due to the lightweight it won’t fatigue the user.

The Bosch Lithium-Ion Impact Drill

This drill comes with multiple LED light to help you in dark spaces and with a gear box that contains 2800 RPMs and 3200 RPMs. With speeds for both small and large diameter bits, it is mostly used by professionals due to its 1500 pounds of torque and 3 different modes of operation.

The Bosch Litheon Cordless Drill

This drill provides a 25 position clutch and 650 pounds of torque, ideal for heavy jobs. It also has a high-speed of 1800 RPMs and a speed variability trigger, for control.

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