About 18v Drill Batteries

In order to increase the life of an 18v drill battery, you must do some things that can be of great help. First of all, you have to let the battery fully charge. It would be a wrong thing from your part to take it off after only a few minutes.

Doing this will lower the lifetime of your charger and for sure you don’t want that.

Charging indicator

You can’t know when your battery is fully charged unless something shows it. Here comes the charging indicator which can be found on some 18v batteries. Having this feature with the indicator light, you will be able of taking the battery off of its charger immediately when it’s full.

Battery for Replacement

It’s better for every user to buy a battery which comes with a replacement. This way, it will be easier when one of the batteries dies to change it with the other, instead of waiting for the first one to charge. This way of working is used mostly by professionals because they can’t interrupt their work when the battery is out of power. They must work continuously, so they use a second battery when the one they are using needs to be charged.

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