About 18v Drills

Many manufacturers, like Makita, Ryobi, Bosch, Hitachi, etc., produce this kind of drills. Being so many on the market, it’s better to know what you want to buy before going and looking for such a tool.

Drill categories
Depending on the place where you want to use it and the tasks that you want to fulfill with the drill, they are divided into 2 categories: professional and consumer grade. For jobs that require heavy work you should use a professional tool, while for jobs around the house it’s enough only a consumer grade drill.

Drill settings
Most of the 18v drills come with 2 speed settings, easy variable speed controls and reversible bit rotation. This difference in speed is beneficial for allowing you to work just as easy in a heavy duty application, as you do when drilling small holes. The advantage of having this 2 speed setting is that you won’t have to decide between a drill which is big on torque or speed, because you will have both.

Drill handles
For a much easier handling of the drill, it is equipped with a pistol grip, a mid-handle and rotating side handles. In order to help you, the producers will offer sometimes extra handles.

Many users prefer to have a key-less chuck because of the advantages that it offers. Not keeping up with a chuck key and changing the bits easier, are some things that every drill user wants to have. When deciding what key-less chuck to choose, you may keep in mind that a one-hand chuck is a better choice, in terms of ease of using. Another problem may be the chuck size. You will have to analyze the 2 possibilities carefully, ½-inch and 3/8-inch chuck, regarding on the job you need to do.

Drill ergonomics
Working a lot of time with a drill can be very tedious. This is why  manufacturers have worked a lot on  ergonomics, giving the users the possibility to use rubber grips and pads. Their purpose is to  make the drills more comfortable.

Drill size
Size and weight are two important features of these tools. Because of this, the drills can be found in compact designs to make them easier to use for more time.

Drill battery
Charging these tools can take a lot of useful time. But because lately the lithium-ion batteries were introduced, the time shortened and know it varies between 1 hour and 3 hours. Many drills can be recharged even in 30 minutes.

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