About 24v Bosch Batteries

The 24v Bosch batteries are available in different styles for some types of drills. Being known for its quality tools, Bosch is also renowned for its. Most of the Bosch tools can use interchangeable batteries, so there is no need to replace multiple batteries.

Platinum Batteries

The Platinum series are batteries designed for heavy use, and the line provides batteries for several drill models. The latest models are compatible with the Platinum batteries only. Their Ni-CAD design offers hundreds of recharges and extended usage. This comes in handy for the constant use requiring jobs.

Standard Batteries

Although the new models only use the Platinum series, there are standard 24v replacements for older tools. The company produces batteries for all models, no matter the age. Most of the Bosch drills can use compatible batteries, so if you don’t find the batteries that came with the original tool, Bosch can help you.

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