About 24v Drill Batteries

This battery comes with a number of different options and features, used for keeping the drill without a cord running. When you work on different projects, it’s better to have an extra battery to be sure that you will finish the job without waiting for the battery to charge.

Using the battery on a Wide Temperature Range

The 24v drill battery is the only one which has this feature.

It allows the battery to work either at low or high temperatures, without encountering any kind of problems. This can happen with the condition that the battery is not kept in these extreme temperatures for a long time.

Battery’s Heat Emission

This is a system that will protect the battery from overheating. With the help of a slit which will be opened, the battery will remain cool when it is working. This way you can be sure that your drill, along with the battery, will not get damaged because of long and hard usage.

Battery’s Charge Cycles

The 24v drill battery is one of the few which can be recharged for over 1000 times. The advantage with the charge cycles is extremely good for drills that are used frequently and their batteries need repeated charges.

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