About 24v Drills

A 24v drill is expensive and powerful, and that’s why it’s mainly used on construction sites by professionals. For small tasks around the house, the alternatives which are less powerful, the 12v and the 18v drills are just the right choices. Saving some money and buying a good and useful drill are two reasons for which you should choose the two less powerful options for day to day work around the house.

Before the 24V drill was introduced on the market, there were some surfaces causing problems for those working with 18V drills: steel, concrete, brick. When this much powerful drill was finally available, the work became easier because of the surplus of volt power.

Drill weight and size
Working with an 24V drill often may prove to be too hard for completing simple jobs. With a weight of 10 pounds, for some people it may be too much so trying different models before the purchase is a good idea.

Drill handles
Because of their size, 24v drills come with a mid handle or a pistol grip. Sometimes you can receive some extra handles in order to help you redistribute the weight and use it more easily. These can be of great help when working a whole day with it.

Drill battery
The use of lithium-ion batteries for such tools, is quite new. This decision was taken in order to offer these tools some advantages. The new batteries have a longer lifespan, they need a smaller number of charges and their weight has dropped. What you should look for is the time required for charging, which can vary between 1 hour and 12 hours.

Using a 24v drill demands all sorts of metal key-less chucks. The size of these chucks is very important for every user, this is why they can choose between a 3/8-inch or 1/2-inch chuck.

Because of its size and weight, the drill is quite hard to use. For this reason, the manufacturers have tried to improve the ergonomics by choosing rubber pads and molded handles for their tools. Before buying any kind of drill, you should try more than one to see which is most comfortable.

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