About Air Power Tools

Air power tools are a special kind of tool because they use an air compressor instead of electricity. Being more powerful than the electric tools they are used in big construction projects. All such tools  require a specific pressure per square inch ( or PSI), and to change it you have to follow these steps.

  1. ook for the required PSI on the tool or its case. If you don’t find it, you’ll definitely find it in the manual. If not, call the manufacturer.
  2. the compressor must be adjusted to the exact PSI required ( you should find a small dial on the compressor for this).
  3. attach the hose of the compressor to the tool.

Air Power Tools Cautions

Despite their conveniences ( powerful and immediately ready to use ), air power tools are dangerous if you’re not careful. Tools have different PSI requirement and it would be disastrous if you forget to change it if you are switching tools. The insufficient amount of pressure will make the tool function slow or not at all, and too much pressure can destroy the tools.

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