About Bosch Drills

Bosch drills are affordable, suited for do-it-yourself jobs, providing the power one needs for home improvements. Bosch drills can be easily found and their price varies from $100 to $200.

Bosch focuses on the engineering of the product, the main objective being a low vibration, low noise level, precise and easy to use power tool.

The users find that this combination makes the tools work great every single time. The comparative advantage of Bosch is the combination between power, torque, comfort and control.

Even though Bosch doesn’t offer as  many products as the competitors, their drills are ideal for DIY type of people.

Half-inch drills

These drills come with a balance between speed and torque; speeds up to 550 RPM and 850 RPM, and are available in 6.5 and 8.0 amps versions.

The Bosch half-inch drills are classified in 2 categories: high speed and high torque, making it easy in deciding which one to purchase. They have a keyed chuck, an all ball-bearing motors and variable speed options. With a single finger touch you can change the rotation of the bit and the design allows longer usage without discomfort.

Bosch has a special dual torque drill model, powered by 5.2 amps and a no-load speed of 1900 RPM, 2 speeds, heavy duty keyed chuck,  double insulated, which weighs 4.6 pounds.

3/8 Inch Drills

The features available an the half-inch models are available at these models as well, with the sole difference that some come with a key-less chuck., which makes it easier to use and more convenient. There are 8 3/8 drill models, with standard high speed ( they reach speeds of 2600 RPM) and high torque, most of them being lightweight.

Cordless Drills

Cordless drills are available in both half-inch and 3/8 inch models, Bosch having a large line of such drills.  They come in a driver/drill combination and come in a kit with a charger, flashlight and accessories. They have a power starting from 14.4 volts going to 36 volts, the last being a  part of    Build Tough line of heavy duty products that can withstand a beating. These drills run on Lithium-Ion batteries and are capable of fast charging, available in 2 speeds and being lightweight.

The benefits of cordless drills are incommensurable.  Beside  the easy access to hard-to-reach areas and  not thinking about electrical outlets, your  maneuverability increases.

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