About Cordless Power Tools

In case you had to install curtain rods at one moment in your life, you must have discovered that cordless power tools are essential for the job. These tools  will help you finish the job faster, with less effort, especially if you do it yourself. Fortunately, most rods can be installed easily with a drill and a power screwdriver.

  1. mark the place where the rod will go, an inch or two beside the window frame and 4 inches above. Make sure they are leveled with the window.
  2. use the tools to screw in the brackets. If you are screwing into a hard surface, you’ll need a drill to make the holes first.
  3. after you have put the brackets in place, feed the curtain onto the rod and place it on them.

Cordless Power Tools Safety

Although the tools to use in this task are not significantly dangerous, they need to be handled with care. When using them, wear gloves and glasses just in case.

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