About DeWalt 12v Battery

With such a powerful battery, your hand held power tool will be the right one for any kind of job. The best choice for anyone who is using this kind of tools would be to buy the pack from DeWalt, which contains a 12v power tool and a 12v battery.

The specifications of the battery

An advantage you have over other batteries is the extended life.

This way you benefit of 40% more run time from a DeWalt 12v battery than you could get from normal batteries. Also the battery can be charged very easily and in less than an hour, and you can work with it up to three hours. This lifespan gives the possibility of using the tool as much as you need, and sometimes you can even use it on another drill. The 12v battery pack comes with 10 cells in one console, which can give some extra life support, exceeding other batteries possibilities. Because the batteries produced by DeWalt  are very efficient in working with power tools, they have limited warranties, so this can be a downside of this products.

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